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Traction Decade
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Traction 2022 pt1
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Traction 2023 Pt 1
Traction 2023 Pt2


WHEN we embarked on our TRACTION series in 1995, little did we realise that the motive power scene was to change beyond all recognition in the next five years. It was to prove the biggest traction transition since the early sixties as the old corporate British Rail passed into the hands of new private companies. 

It was THE period to cover! The changes happened SO swiftly and SO dramatically as not only were old locomotive liveries swept away by a tide of new corporate colours but several hundred locomotives were withdrawn to make way for Canadian-built Type 5 power.

It was also a period that saw a reversal in the seemingly-endless decline of rail-borne freight as well as the long-awaited return to the main line of privately-owned diesels, including representatives from classes 33, 40, 45 and 55. But the TRACTION programmes not only focus on these massive changes; they are also the only programmes of their kind to feature many of the extraordinary locomotive workings that have occurred - Class 73s to Birmingham on a passenger train, a pair of Class 20s on the Royal Train, a Gatwick Express Class 73 hauling a Freightliner, a Class 03 arriving at Kings Cross, a Class 46 on a Freightliner ... to name but a few! 

Our team of cameramen have travelled far and wide to ensure that this is THE definitive review of the modern traction scene. For good measure, each programme usually features around 20 different locomotive classes so, whatever your taste in motive power, there’s something for everyone. And if that’s not enough, the chronological running order of each programme is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat while David Maxey’s lively narration superbly complements the on-screen entertainment! 

But don’t just take our word for it - the TRACTION series has received rave reviews from the railway press: “A must! for all fans of the’ modern traction scene’.” Railway Magazine on T95; “Wedged solid with splendid snippets capturing the weird and wonderful. “ Traction Magazine on T97 Part 1; “A top priority for any, dedicated follower of traction.” RAIL Magazine on T96 part 2; “Superb entertainment". Rail Express on T96 — Part 1; “Twice a year I think to myself that can't have done better than the last programme — and I’m always proved wrong!” Traction Magazine on T97 - Part 2.

With the demise of VHS we have now deleted all the tape versions of the programmes that covered the period from 1995 to 2002. In their place is the TRACTION DECADE double-disc DVD which is a ‘best of’ the first 10 years of the series. The individual programmes are then covered on DVD from 2003 onwards.



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